Testimonials for Nicholas F. Quercetti, III D.O.


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Nicholas Quercetti

Nicholas F. Quercetti, III, D.O.

"Dear Dr. Quercetti,

On June 22 I was attacked by a pitbull and suffered severe injuries to my left arm. I want to thank you for your care and the skill in saving my arm. Over the weeks you performed 8 surgeries and I was so grateful to have you as my surgeon. You were always caring and thoughtful which meant a lot. It’s been a long 4 months but I am finally bandage free. The scarring is minimal to which I attribute to your incredible skill. I have very little feeling in parts of my arm but thanks to you, I still have it. Thanks again for being not only a highly skilled surgeon but also a compassionate human being. As I approach my 87thbirthday, I am so happy that you were my doctor."

~ Paul D., November 2016


“Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Quercetti and his entire team, I am on my way to a full recovery after a successful elbow surgery.  My injury and subsequent surgery required two plates and six screws.  Like most people who are facing surgery, pain is sometimes replaced with anxiety and the thought of a long recovery.  Dr. Quercetti sensed my anxiety and quickly put me at ease.  His calming demeanor helped immensely in the days preceding my surgery, and post surgery as well.  I’m quite sure that surgeries like mine could be considered as routine for many Surgeons. Dr. Quercetti gave me peace of mind as he explained the procedure and recovery process, which helped me get through my surgery and recovery.  The office staff truly shares Dr. Quercetti’s concern for patients, and I can’t say enough on how they too made me feel at ease during every office visit.  I would recommend Dr. Quercetti and his staff to anyone requiring surgery.  I am forever grateful for all he and his staff did for me during this difficult time.” 

~ Debbie McCulloch


“From the very first time my family and I met Dr. Quercetti, we knew he was the right guy for the task at hand.  He was my trauma surgeon at Christiana Hospital and handled most of my recovery appointments.  He was thorough with the details of my surgery and recovery.  Dr. Quercetti has excellent bedside manner and never skips a beat when he works with his patients.  I’m proud to say I was in great hands with him.”

~ Jordan August


“I wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my left humerus. I can't believe how quickly I have been able to regain movement in my arm and shoulder after 5 physical therapy sessions. You did a fabulous job! I am grateful that you were there to piece my arm back together. I can say there was a blessing and a miracle in my life that day when I ended up as your patient. I am forever grateful.”

~ Dena Bobolos