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Brian J. Galinat, M.D.

Brian J. Galinat, M.D.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Galinat for enabling me to get my shoulder and back strengthened.  I’m in the best shape than I’ve ever been.  I have been working with a trainer and they follow your exercises on Prevention and Recovering from Shoulder Injuries."


“I want to thank Dr. Galinat very much for helping me get my shoulder in shape and pretty quickly too.  I knew something was wrong because my shoulder didn’t feel right.  Now it feels fine, thanks to your method.  I started working with a trainer at the Y to build strength in my shoulder and the rest of my body to keep it strong.  The Wilmington, Delaware community is fortunate to have a superior orthopaedic surgeon of your caliber.  I also want to thank your wonderful staff as well.”


“Thank you Dr. Galinat for taking such good care of my knee.  I know that when I get to play tennis and ski again, I will be doing so on a much improved knee.  Maybe my tennis play and skiing will improve too!”


“A couple of years ago Dr. Galinat performed surgery on my right shoulder after multiple disclocations.  A couple of years later he did the same routine on my left shoulder.  This past school year I placed third in the conference on my tennis team.  Because of Dr. Galinat’s expertise, I was able to continue playing.  I look forward to furthering my sports career.”

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Galinat for the work he did on my dislocated shoulder.  It is comfortable and strong in just about every activity I do.  I was able to compete in the Collegiate National Triathlon Championship at which I was 65th out of over 700 undergrads!  It’s great to be back to normal.  Thanks again.”


“My husband and I want to thank Dr. Galinat for all of his care and support.  It has been a long 10 years of pain and discomfort.  After many years of different prognosis, physical therapy, etc. we were sent to Dr. Galinat.  My previous surgeon in VA was able to diagnose the problem, but he said Dr. Galinat was the best.  He told us he “read the book on this type of surgery” but Dr. Galinat “wrote the book.”  We then had hope.  Immediately after my surgery, the pain was gone, and so far, has not returned.  You not only gave my husband back his wife, you gave me back my quality of life.  You gave me the best gift ever and I will always be grateful.”


“I don’t know how to thank Dr. Galinat enough for all of the wonderful and very successful procedures that he did for me.  He repaired my rotator cuff, repaired my torn biceps muscle and did a tendon release.  I had the surgery in February and was back playing tennis in June.  I had some slight discomfort at first, but now I have none.  From Dr. Galinat I learned patience, as I followed the rehab instructions.  I feel better now, than I did the past 10 years.  It really has been a miracle.  I have given an outstanding referral to all I know.  Again, all I can say is sincere thanks.  You helped me to live again.”